If there was ever a time to be proud of an Arsenault family, it's right now.

For those of you who don't know, my last name is actually Arsenault.

Its orientation is French-Canadian and for the most part, you can find us Arsenaults here in New England from Maine down to the SouthCoast of Massachusetts.

OK, enough with the history lesson, here's a viral story that has made headlines across the country.

In shocking news to teachers, parents, and schools alike, a child had decided to walk into school wearing a hot dog costume on picture day. The nine-year-old child, Jake Arsenault (who could very well be a distant cousin of mine), had been dared by his parents to dress in the costume as a prank.

The untrusting Jake would not give in to such mockery until his father, Craig Arsenault, offered him a reward of $10 for his bravery. Oh, the things that kids will do for a few bucks.

Jake, being the young entrepreneur that he is, took the offer and dressed up into the costume that had been left over from Halloween two years prior.

Surprisingly, the fourth grader dislikes hot dogs, which was one of his reasons for turning down the offer.

Concerned staff at the Biddeford Intermediate School in Scarborough, Maine messaged Jake's parents to inform them on the situation. They responded, "We are aware and OK with Jacob Arsenault’s intention to wear his hot dog costume for school pictures, if possible.”

With the faculty members accepting this information, the costume remained throughout the day and year. The image has been placed onto his school ID and has made him a star among his classmates and the internet.

Sadly, Jake is very restricted when it comes to the use of technology so he does not yet fully understand his fame, but adores the attention he is receiving and for that I couldn't be more proud of my fam from across the land.

Keep up the great work buddy, you definitely have "Arsenault" in your blood, that's for sure.

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