If you've seen this abandoned school bus hanging around in New Bedford, then you're not alone.

Every day, as I travel Route 140 North and South to get on and off I-195, my eyes go right to a yellow school bus that's sitting smack between the ramps. At first, I thought it was a bus for the county jail litter collectors, but when I didn't see anyone walking about or trash bags lining the highway, I knew I was wrong.

It's been a week-and-a-half since the bus caught my attention. Lo and behold, the bus is still there.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Perhaps it broke down and parked far away from oncoming traffic as a safety procedure? After all, it is a bus.

Unfortunately, a stop by the Dartmouth State Police barracks revealed that theory is a bust.

"We would have known about a broken-down vehicle in that area, especially a school bus," the dispatcher told me.

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The following day, I was able to snap a quick photo while sitting shotgun in my fiancee's car. As I zoomed in on the bus, I noticed that there was a banner on either side of it that read "Atsalis Bros Painting." 

Finally, a clue.

From here on out, the story makes absolutely no sense.

As hopeful as I was to find some sort of advertising signage, I looked up the business only to learn their closest office is in Swansea. The website says that they're temporarily closed. I searched everywhere from social media platforms to the phonebook and couldn't find a phone number.

The only lead I have for this mystery bus is that the state Department of Transportation is doing some construction on an overpass on Hathaway Road, about 100 yards from the Irving gas station and Rosie's Deli.

Atsalis Brothers Painting claims on its website that it deals with "abrasive blasting, painting, rigging platforms and containments," which would make total sense for the construction that's right around the bend, but why advertise if you claim to be "temporarily closed?"


Honestly, if anyone has any information on why this mystery bus is just sitting in the middle of a busy highway advertising an unreachable company, I'd be more than happy to discuss further.

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