Attention SouthCoast commuters I have some riveting news from the town of Fairhaven.

For months and what felt like years, the 'bridge closed ahead' sign for the New Bedford/Fairhaven Bridge that's located high up on the Main Street traffic lights was out of service. You may recall it had a black plastic bag over it while it was temporarily out of order.

Well, the sign has been fixed and I can confirm that it works.

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As I left the radio station on Wednesday, May 31st, I contemplated whether or not I should take the highway (195 West) to Route 18 to avoid the bridge in case it was closed or just take a chance and take Route 6 straight into the city in hopes that there was no marine traffic at the time.

Let's just say I wasn't so lucky and got stuck for a solid 20 minutes by Pope's Island, patiently awaiting for the bridge to reopen.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

However, I did notice as I approached the Main Street traffic lights that the sign was working again and the 'bridge closed ahead' signal was lit up. I continued forward and sure enough, I was waiting behind a group of cars who also lost the chance to cross the bridge.

There's no word as of now if the MassDOT construction traffic message boards that sit on both sides of the bridge are finally going to be removed, but they are still currently in service. Can you this has been bothering me for quite some time? I'm a creature of habit and glad to see the sign functioning again.


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