There are two types of people on the SouthCoast: those who stress out and curse at the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge for closing and those who find the silver lining within the wait.

On Saturday, Sept. 3, David and Rebecca Custadio tied the knot. They got married at St. Joseph's Church in Fairhaven in front of their loving family and friends.

The Westport couple have been together for six years.

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The Custadios met while working a shift together at what is now Merril's on the Waterfront. He was a manager who transferred over from the now-closed Hawthorn Country Club in Dartmouth and she was a bartender at the New Bedford waterfront restaurant.

It was only suitable to get married where they first fell in love and that's exactly where they were headed.

That is, of course, until the bridge closed temporarily for marine traffic.

Around 4:15 p.m., the newlyweds were face to face with a red traffic light, but instead of worrying about getting to their venue, they decided to take advantage of the downtime.

"My sister was with us and told us to go take a photo," Custadio said. "We were simply taking photos with our phones, not realizing that our photographer was behind us. That's when he got out of the car and started snapping away. It's one of my favorite photos."

In the end, the Custadios had one hell of a wedding and everything went smoothly.

"I was just going with the flow and was just there to have a good time," Custadio said.

Sometimes, when things don't go exactly to plan, and when you least expect it, good things can surprise you.

Congrats to the Custadios.

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