My daughter has reached the baby food stage and I've realized I do something very weird while feeding her.

Time flies and my newest wee-one is already eating food!

The oatmeal stage arrived recently and during our daily feedings I have come to notice just how weird I am.

Seems that much like the way I play video games, I feed a baby.

Meaning I truly believe my physical actions will somehow get me the reaction I'm looking for.

On the rare occasions I play video games, I always end up moving my arms along with the controller. As if making the controller jump, the character will jump too.

And when I'm feeding my daughter oatmeal, I can't help but open my mouth as wide as I can with every bite thinking it could somehow make her mouth open as well.

The weirdest part is that I know it's silly, I'm aware that I'm doing it and still I just can't stop.

Every bite. Every time. My mouth is wide open.

It's ridiculous.

I suppose in someway I could think she'll see my mouth open wide and follow suit. But she never does. She's always so focused on the spoon heading her way she never seems to see what I'm doing at all.

And yet every time...

Grey squirrel yawning

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