What the what?! We thought the Wanted were as close as brothers, and now we hear that they considered getting rid of Nathan Sykes from the group?! Before you start getting nervous that there's inner turmoil -- that is definitely not the case.

Once it was confirmed that Sykes would miss part of the band's tour due to throat surgery, the rest of the band felt pressured to make a HUGE decision if Nathan never fully recovered from his operation. Were they going to continue as a foursome, add a new member, or keep Sykes as a keyboard player if he couldn't sing? Luckily, they never had to make that difficult decision.

Tom Parker told The Mirror (via 4music), "There was some talk at the label about 'What do we do?' if he can’t come back. " He continued, "Do we get rid of him or do we get someone new, but we said 'Listen, if he can’t sing, then he’s an amazing pianist so get him in the band, just pay him a little bit less." Aww, they are lookin' out for their bandmate / buddy!

Even though Sykes made a full recovery from his surgery, it was not without its hardships. He said before he went under the anesthesia for his operation, he had a brief panic attack. He told the doctor, "‘My career is in your hands!" No joke!

We're glad Sykes is back with the boys in time to collaborate with none other than Justin Bieber. We can't wait to hear the fruits of their labor!

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