Have you come across a book while out with your kids this summer? It could be part of the SouthCoast Hidden Book project.

You may not have heard of them yet, but if you are a parent of a young child on the SouthCoast you are likely to start seeing books in your favorite play areas.

Tricia Weaver is a teacher who thought she came across an online group hiding books in our area. Turns out they were in the U.K., but she took their great idea and brought it here anyway.

Now other teachers and moms are hiding books at playgrounds, in parks and other family friendly places on the SouthCoast.

So if you see a book inside a plastic bag with a note while out with your kids, pick it up and bring it home to read. Then either keep it for your own collection or re-hid it so other families can get in on the fun too!

And this does sound like fun.

I know my young daughter would be excited to come across a book out of nowhere. Kids love finding random things.

And if you don't have young kids you can still be a part of the project. Maybe you have some gently used books you've been wanting to pass along? Check out the Southcoast Hidden Books group on Facebook.

They've got ideas on where to hide them, photos of books being found and a great community of parents and teachers working together to get kids into reading.

And with the school year ready to gear up, this is a perfect time to get kids excited about reading.

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