We don't think twice about how each one of us ended up here in the "biz" but when it's time to avoid our workload, we get to talking - a lot.  

Today was the day we realized that we watch a ton of TV, especially TV about radio. Here's the top ten list of life-inspiring 'boob tube' moments about radio - clearly, the best thing to watch.

10. Talk To Me

Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy a good Don Cheadle film? This one really stuck with us, and got us passionate about radio.

9. Frasier

It's not quite like playing the latest from Taylor Swift, but Frasier gave a us a really good look at what it's like to be a Doctor on the radio. We're just glad we don't have his dysfunctional family - or do we?

8. Hot Donna (That 70's Show)

Hot Donna Tumblr

We know we weren't  the only one who thought Hot Donna was awesome! Donna from 'That 70's Show' had a little run as a radio host. It was enough to bring up her cool level in our eyes. Hot Donna even has a Tumblr account dedicated to her.

7. Wayne's World 2 - Handsome Dan

We swear we aren't all like this. We totally pay attention to everything that everyone is telling us all the time.

6. Pump Up The Volume

The classic tale of a teenage misfit taking over the radio airwaves, that's normal right? Christian Slater really got us thinking about the type of impact we could have on the community. We're still waiting for the revolution.

5. NewsRadio

It's our second favorite show about the daily happenings at a radio station. While there is some comedy, some of this can be a bit true on a day to day basis.

4. WKRP in Cincinnati

We just told you about our second favorite TV show about daily radio happenings, so you can guess that this is our favorite. An absolute classic and inspiration.

3.  Airheads

We have certainly been asked to play a few records, but we just hope no one ever does this to us. Not cool, but it did make us want to break into the business.

2. Pirate Radio

Ban rock n roll? Never! Can you believe the British Government actually tried to ban rock music? Unreal! This movie showed us the power of the radio.

1.  Howard Stern's Private Parts

This is probably the only safe clip from this movie that we can actually show you, but 'Private Parts' took you not only inside the life of Howard Stern, but also is the most accurate depiction of how radio works. Thank you Hollywood, and thank you Mr. Stern.