How many times have you been tagged or inboxed with some ridiculous social media challenge? I'll admit, I never do them. Half of them are just nonsense. I think the last challenge I did was the ice bucket challenge, but that was for a good cause and honestly, I wanted an excuse to pour ice on the person who poured ice on me.

One of my lovely Facebook friends recently tagged me in a challenge that actually got me thinking. Basically, you post the top 10 most influential albums of your life, one album per day. Christine Fox took it a step further and published her list on, and Michael Rock answered her challenge to do the same.

Much like they did, I don't want to prolong your curiosity about what musical influences not only affected my upbringing but pretty much gave me the musical tastes I have today. Now I will give you fair warning, I was a pretty weird duck growing up. I honestly haven't changed. I genuinely like all kinds of music as long as there is some kind of talent and heart involved in it. While growing up, I had a parent that was definitely a Fun 107 fan, so yes, I'm pretty sure that's how my music tastes were procured. That, and I played a musical instrument and was in all the choirs.

So what are the top 10 albums I think were most influential in my life? Here goes – no judging me.

Jackson's Top 10 Albums of All Time

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