Unpopular opinion: the texture of Greek yogurt is not weird.

Yes, I may be too much into health and whatnot, and anyone who is into health and fitness has at least heard 384,982 times that Greek yogurt is so good for you, because it's high in protein and it has low calories and low sugar.

I'll spare you explaining why Greek yogurt is a great meal and/or snack, but the number one response I've heard people say in response to not wanting to eat it is, I just can't get around the texture, it's really weird to me. You have to like really stir it for it not to be chunky and thick.

My basic response is, if it's not weird once you stir it, then just stir it.

But excluding the obvious answer, what makes thick and chunky such a weird texture? If I had to guess it's just an excuse to not eat healthy (it's a joke, go easy on me).

People eat things like Margherita pizza all the time, that thing has chunks of cheese and tomatoes which I would say is much more "weird." Yes, tomatoes freak me out. For some reason, I have no issue with normal cheese pizza, but if you put a blob of mozzarella – as they say on Shark Tank, "I'm out."

Even more ironic, people will eat regular yogurt all the time, probably because it comes with packs of M&Ms and Oreos to shake on top (be honest), but it's essentially the same texture that you just have to stir for a few minutes – and all of a sudden, it's unacceptable.

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