TSM/Loren Petisce
TSM/Loren Petisce

Yesterday, when I got home from work I was looking at the mail and found what looked like a letter.

It was addressed to me hand written, with no return address. Sometimes my friends send me things in the mail, so I figured it was something like that. When I opened it, I found a newspaper article with a sticky note attached saying "Loren, check this out!" Then it was signed with just the letter "J".

My first thought, was that it was from my friend Jay...and he was just shortening his name. So I texted him to ask, he said no, it wasn't from him. Now, when I opened up the newspaper ad, it's for a car dealer. I'm reading the ad over and over, trying to figure out why someone sent this to me. I was so confused!

I talked about it on the show this morning and Michael suggested that it was a new way of advertising from this car dealer. I thought no way, why would they address me so informally? Then, a woman named Lauren called in saying she got the exact same letter, with the same newspaper ad and that same sticky note signed with just the "J".

Ahh, Michael was right. It was a trick to try to get me to go buy a car from this dealer! Wow, they will do anything to get business, right?!

Well, unfortunately for them, I'm not in the market to buy a new vehicle and am perfectly happy with what I'm currently driving. Better luck next time.