Autocorrect is the one saving grace from making an embarrassing spelling mistake on that important essay for school.

While autocorrect has assisted in fixing an uncountable amount of misspelled words or phrases, one can argue that it has lowered the average person's word-spelling skills by a substantial amount. I mean, why would you want to memorize the spelling of difficult words when you can just let Google fix it for you?

So what kind of words do people have trouble spelling the most?

Its not just common problem words that people are having trouble with. I readily admit I have a hard time spelling the words “sausage” and “separately," while Christine says she doesn't think she's ever spelled "definitely” correctly on the first try.

During this morning's show, we asked the SouthCoast what words they have to rely on autocorrect to spell. One caller had stated that the words “vacuum” and “handkerchief” give him trouble. Another caller says that the word “supposedly” stumps him the most. Another caller, an elementary school spelling bee champion, mentioned “Connecticut” and “Tarkiln Hill” as trouble geographic areas when it comes to spelling. Some other words mentioned include Caribbean, license, broccoli, and diarrhea.

You guys also gave us some very responses over at our Facebook page, like Rachel, who says “banana” gives her the most trouble:

Others had some more obscure answers to our question, like Brittany (we had to check the spelling of your name three times):

Or Sandy, who gets stumped by words like “phlegm” or “polyp:"

Have trouble with any of these words? Or do you have trouble with other words not on this list? Let us know on Facebook.

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