New Bedford’s Buttonwood Park Zoo is making us all proud here on the SouthCoast as it is raising funds for the wildlife in Australia. 

Not a million, but over one BILLION animals have died due to wildfires in Australia, and that doesn't even include the injured animals (which be honest, we all have a soft spot for). So yesterday, the Buttonwood Park Zoo started the new donation location. Australia’s Wildlife Conservation Fund is where all proceeds will be going from the Buttonwood Park Zoo's "Coins for Conservation" program.

We as the SouthCoast are fairly small compared to the rest of the world and to see people in our communities rally to make a difference in a place most of us likely will never travel, no matter how much we would like to, and we'll never even see the animals we've helped.

But the job is not done yet. Buttonwood Park has given a great opportunity, now it's time to take action.

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