It came to my attention the other day as I was thinking about strange and random things that the SouthCoast area has some pretty neat rocks in it. Like I said, strange and random indeed.

Right off the top of my head, I instantly named five different rocks names that I've visited in my lifetime, and one other that I knew about. That's when I realized that I needed to do a little "digging" (pun intended) to find out more about these rocks and their background history.

Here's what I dug up (sorry, I'm feeling pretty punny today):

Six SouthCoast Rocks That Rock


Michael Rock


A well-known on-air personality on the Michael and Maddie morning show on Fun 107 and Director of Content for Townsquare Media New Bedford/Fall River. This Rock enjoys crossfit workouts and Sprite (preferably out of a can). He's a local resident here on the SouthCoast, but was raised up a NorthShore kid. His first radio experience was back when he was 18 as a freshman broadcaster at Syracuse University's legendary Z-89.

He's married to the love of his life, Cyndi, and the couple has two children together who will someday (if not already) be taller than he is. Rock takes pride in mowing his lawn, enjoying a good $5 burger special and taking naps in $20 hammocks.

You can find him Monday-Friday in Fairhaven at Fun 107's headquarters, but when the weekend comes, he's most likely out to eat at Turk's Seafood or Top Shelf Bar & Grill where he has his own menu item, "The Michael Rock Special." None of the other rocks on this list can say that.

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