If you're having a bad day, I might be able to turn it around.

One of the best parts of my job is asking the audience to send in photos of their fur babies. As a Dog Dad and all-around animal lover, I'm always excited to work on projects that involve local pets.

If you recall, a little over two years ago, I asked the good people of the SouthCoast to submit photos of their sleeping dogs after asking, "Do you let your dog sleep in the same bed as you?".

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Here's the final tally for the poll, in case you're curious:

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To this day, my dog still sleeps in the bed with my fiancee and me, but only every so often. While my dog enjoys a good cuddle session, she, like her old man, prefers her own space.

Thankfully so.

"Bella" is not exactly a lap dog and takes up a majority of the queen-sized bed. Not to mention, if her dreams consist of chasing squirrels, then I have to prepare myself for a brutal (although accidental) swift quick to my body.

Yeah, it's not fun.

Since you all loved the original list of SouthCoast's sleeping dogs, I took it upon myself to create yet another round of photos.

This is the definition of Cuteness Overload.

With that being said, here are a bunch of local dogs taking nice little cat naps. See what I did there?

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