Westport is by far one of the most beautiful towns on the SouthCoast.

There's no better place I enjoy kayaking and just enjoying the beauty of nature than in Westport. That's why I've decided to give up my secret spot that not many people know about, and it's not for the faint of heart.

I know that the second this gets out to the public, I'm going to regret it, but it's finally time to let go and give the people a secret adventure on the Westport River.

First off, before you even continue on with this article, understand that it is not the easiest trail to kayak and not recommended for beginners.

The "secret spot" is more hidden rather than a secret and the reason it's difficult to get to is because of the tide. The further north you head up the Westport River, especially as it gets narrower, the tougher it is to battle the current.

Located on the East Branch portion of the Westport River is where you'll be heading, so you'll need to launch your kayak near the head of the Westport by Osprey Kayak Rental. You'll find an overpass bridge (Old County Road), you'll need to head underneath, but there's a trick to this and I strongly only recommend doing this if you're a skilled kayaker, because otherwise, you could get stuck underneath.

Once the river is at complete high tide, leaving only enough room for your kayak to fit underneath the bridge, give yourself a good head start and propel yourself underneath to the other side. Keep in mind that you'll need to almost lay flat on your kayak and you won't be able to paddle once underneath, so paddle hard enough to glide to the other side.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

As you sit back up, you'll need to start making your way up the river as time will be short and not on your side.

You'll start to notice the river getting quite narrow and surrounded by a woodland area. Continue to progress up the river until you eventually get to a shallow area where you'll need to actually evacuate your kayak and lift it over a small sand bar, but watch out for the slippery rocks. As soon as the water becomes high enough to paddle in, jump back in your kayak and keep pushing on.

About a good half-mile from where you launched, your kayak is where you'll complete your journey, so you're almost there. Once you get to a fork in the river, you'll notice that the right side will have a small and shallow stream with a one-foot waterfall. To the left of that is a small space where the current doesn't exist and only fills up at high tide.

This is my secret spot, this is my escape, and you've made it.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Feel free to kick back and stay awhile, but the moment you start to see (and hear) the water rushing back out, then that's your cue to head back to the bridge. Otherwise, you'll be stuck out there on a dry river bed and will have to walk back – which is not recommended.

Although I've only been able to make it to this area just a few times, it's worth the calm and serenity that embraces like a warm hug and helps restore your mental health. Yes, you can reach this place throughout the year (when it's not frozen over, of course), but you'll definitely want to go visit during the summer when it's warm and full of vegetation.

There are plenty of other spots around the SouthCoast that are equally as beautiful, but this one, in particular, will always be my favorite. I'm glad to have finally extended it to you and anyone who is looking for a new adventure, willing to take on strong currents and narrow pathways.

Just remember to take it all in once you're there. Take a photo or two, but then sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature and the sounds of the water flowing around you. It's almost as if the world stops for just a moment and all your worries have floated away. Take my word, as soon as you feel comfortable enough to make the trek, you'll be glad you did.

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