Popeyes Chicken dropped a bombshell this morning, while simultaneously teasing us about their sold-out chicken sandwich.


However, it's Bring Your Own Bun, not booze. Not exactly the worst idea in the world if you truly think about it.

I immediately jumped into action, went across the street to Stop & Shop to find a bun to bring into Popeyes and then had to finish through with the mission by making a sandwich out of a three-piece tender meal.

The Portuguese papo secos (Portuguese roll) was a safe bet and a promising purchase.

To show the world how amazing this plan was shaping up to be, I whipped out the Snapchat and recorded the entire experience, as well as how to go about making the perfect homemade spicy chicken sandwich for the time being while waiting for the Popeyes' new chicken sandwiches to make a return.

SPOILER ALERT: The chicken strip-Portuguese pop sandwich was a 10 out 10.

I knew I needed a second opinion on this new discovery with local flair, so I brought one over to Michael Rock, who has been feverishly waiting to try one of Popeyes' chicken sandwiches for the longest time.

It's safe to say he enjoyed every last bite, and we both recommend it.

What are you waiting for? Get your B.Y.O.B on over at Popeye's Chicken, Portuguese style!


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