Peppa Pig videos are all over YouTube, but some of them may not be what you think they are. Here's how to avoid exposing your kids to them.

I don't even know what would make someone do this, but apparently there are very accurate looking 'fake' Peppa Pig videos on YouTube that depict the family-friendly characters in violent or sexual scenarios...not anything you want your kids to come across.

YouTube is aware of the disturbing videos and are working to keep them away from young viewers.

As The Verge reported earlier this month, YouTube is working to implement "a new policy that age restricts this content in the YouTube main app when flagged."

They spoke with Juniper Downs, YouTube’s director of policy who said “Age-restricted content is automatically not allowed in YouTube Kids,” but that it usually takes a few days for content to make it's way from the main page to YouTube Kids...and that's where the questionable videos can sneak into your child's playlist.

It doesn't mean they are removing the questionable content however, they are just going to work harder to police the Peppa Pig and other character videos that really aren't meant for children and keep them off your child's playlist.

YouTube Kids already allows parents to control content and blocked channels, much like cable does, so if your children are using YouTube to watch their favorite shows that don't stream anywhere else...make sure you are using these controls to keep out unwanted content.

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