Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

What are the most popular names for new babies here in the Bay State? Well the Social Security Administration has just released the latest data. Benjamin was the leader with a total of 492 babies given that name. Next was Emma, given to 393 baby girls, according to the SSA website.

Here are the top five most popular names for boys and girls for the year 2017 in Massachusetts:

Rank          Boy Names       Number           Rank       Girl Names     Number

1                 Benjamin          492                 1                Emma          393

2                  William             421                 2                 Olivia          379

3                   Liam                373                 3              Charlotte        347

4                  Lucas               373                 4                Sophia         330

5                  Noah                365                 5               Isabella         294

On the nationwide baby names list, Liam came in as the most popular for boys, and Emma was first for girls.

Looking back, ten years ago, Matthew was the most common name given to boys in the state, while Ava ranked fist for girls. When we go back to 1997, it was again Matthew as the most popular boys name, while Emily was on top of the baby girls list.

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