At some point in the not-too-distant future, passenger sedans on American streets and highways will be a thing of the past. You may have already noticed that the larger SUV's, crossover vehicles and pickups now outnumber the 4-door sedans on the roads.

The car companies have been affected by the trend, and are beginning to phase out production of their car models. Ford recently made the shocking announcement that it's dropping all its cars but the Mustang Included in the phase out will be the once best selling Fusion. The company plans to introduce a new Focus in the future, but it will be a crossover rather than a sedan.

Chrysler recently dropped it's mid-size 200 and well as its Dodge Dart. General Motors has also indicated that production of the Chevrolet Impala, the Cruze and Buick LaCross will be cut back in favor of building more SUV's. GM plans to continue selling the Malibu, Camaro and Corvette.

No word as of yet from the foreign-based car builders like Honda, Toyota and Nissan, Those companies are already offering top selling models like the Rogue, Crv and RAV4.

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