Will New Bedford see self driving Fords delivering Domino's Pizza?

According to Business Insider, Ford Motor Company and Domino's Pizza have teamed up to use self-driving cars to deliver pizza.  Over the next few weeks, a Ford Fusion Hybrid automated vehicle will be tested for pizza delivery near the University of Michigan.

If all goes well, the two companies say they may expand the driver-less deliveries, but will we see that happen here in New Bedford?  We talked to the Chief Excellence Manager for the New Bedford Domino's Team, Nelson Hockert-Lotz.

Self-driving vehicles ten, fifteen, or twenty years from now may may allow our Delivery Experts to sit in the back seat of an autonomous vehicle.... and be chauffeured to their deliveries... dramatically increase our hiring pool.

Will the new cars eliminate delivery jobs?  Hockert-Lotz says not necessarily.

Autonomous self-driving vehicles could make pizza delivery jobs accessible to high school students and others who wouldn't even need a drivers license. .. but could still deliver right to your front door, your swimming pool out back... your fifth floor hotel room, and they could still sing "Happy Birthday" to your kids.

Hockert-Lotz doesn't believe there's any way a driver-less car can replace the amazing staff of caring people he hires as employees.

What makes Domino's truly exceptional is its people...and I don't think that's ever going to change.  Our awesome Delivery Experts deliver to elderly high rises, hotel rooms, fishing boats, and the tips our Delivery Experts make, I think, clearly confirm the value proposition we offer to delight our customers!

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