The new 12.9 inch iPad is set to release early next year in a move that Apple is hoping to improve the latest drop in tablet sales. 

I have to admit, when I first heard about the concept of the iPad...I didn't get it.  Why would I need it?  I couldn't picture a scenario where I would use it in place of my laptop or my iPhone.  Then, everyone got one...and so did I.  I use it occasionally, but it has turned into THE device for my 7 year old son...who mainly uses it to watch Youtube videos of some guy named "Stampy" talking endlessly about Minecraft.

Now, Apple says we need a bigger iPad.  Again, I don't get it.  Who needs this?  Who is Apple targeting?  While the trend for tablet sales leans toward cheaper, less capable Android and others, the new iPad's screen will be a significant upgrade compared to the 9.7 inch and 7.9 inch iPads current displays. With smartphone sizes growing as well, bigger tablets could potentially replace the laptop at least for users with more common everyday tasks.

According to an article by, the new iPad is expected to have some multi-tasking capabilities as well, making productivity much easier. The bigger screen will make on-screen typing easier, along with other common tasks like cutting and pasting that have been difficult on smaller screens.

With all this potential, Apple hopes the new iPad release will not only lure customers away from competing tablets, but other PCs as well. This concept might seem strange at first, but many laptops today with Windows 8 are designed to work with touchscreen capabilities, or can even be converted into a kind of tablet by removing the physical keyboard.

Only time will tell if consumers prefer the iPad over simpler laptops and tablets. Would you take the 12.9 inch iPad over a PC?

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