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It's certainly not the greatest way to break up with someone, but it happens. People break up with people with text messages.

When you think of a break up text, maybe you think something along the lines of 'Hey, sorry, this isn't really working for me...I hope you understand, and we can stay friends.' Or maybe, 'It's not you, it's me.' Usually it's a nice way of saying, 'Yo, this will never work, I'm not into you at all.' Having to tell someone that you don't like them (anymore) or aren't attracted to them, is really hard! Which is why some people avoid doing it face to face and turn to the text message break up.


Wow!  Just wow!  I've never known a guy who cared about a Facebook relationship status before, that's typically a female thing.  Also, most men don't want to go to weddings, never mind expect to go after only dating for 7 weeks!  Maybe she didn't get a plus one to the wedding buddy!  Ok, the rude to his cat thing, I get...because I love cats!  If anyone was mean to my kitties, I wouldn't like them either.  It sounds to me like she should be counting her lucky stars for getting away from him and only wasting 7 weeks!

I hope this girl, whoever she is, finds a really great guy after this high maintenance weirdo!