Four words, four options, one correct choice.

Think you know everything about Michael Rock, Gazelle, and Abby? Well, now is your chance to prove your knowledge with our newest trivia game: "Which One or None?"
Every week Gazelle will head to Acushnet Creamery and surprise a random customer with his trivia questions, where one lucky trivia player will get rewarded with a sweet treat of an ice cream selection of their choice.
However, this week we changed it up a bit and Gazelle took on the foodies who were out and about in New Bedford last night for our Food For Tots- New Bedford event and met up with Kiki from Stephen and Co.
That being said, it's time for you to get to know us a little bit more. Each week, we will post the fun facts about each of us, so that you can see a different side of us that perhaps you never knew.
Are you ready?
This weeks trivia questions were:
1.)Which one of us currently lives in Acushnet?
2.) Which one of us admits their favorite holiday is Halloween?
3.) Which one of us has gone skydiving?
4.) Which one of us is missing an appendix
5.) Which one of us has met Bill Clinton?
1.) Gazelle
2.) Abby
3.) None
4.) Michael Rock
5.) Gazelle

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