If a 12 year-old kid asked you to put on Biz Markie, TLC, or even Biggie Smalls... How would you react? What if they asked for the "Macarena"?

Over the past weekend I was at an 8th-Grade "Evening" dance (since they don't quite call it a "prom" yet) and honestly, I was highly impressed with the music.

As a lover of all things music, I am just going to be frank with you when I say that today's music is uncompariable to what was produced in the 80's and 90's. The music scene was just better and much more creative; not this "Mumble Rap" that has been recently popularized... I'll take a hard pass on that, thank you.

The kids seemed to be dancing more than any dance or prom I've ever been to and it was actually quite nice to witness! These 8th graders had impressive taste in music selection and not only did they request songs that were released years before they were even born, but they actually enjoyed it and sang along.

Talk about a blast from the past... even the chapperones and teachers were groovin' to the beat!

Just when I thought I've seen it all, the DJ dropped the "Macarena" bomb and the school went NUTS!


Apparently, it's cool to do the repetitive non-english line dance again, but where did it even come from? I thought it was burried in 1993 along with the shame of overdancing to the one hit wonder. I couldn't be more wrong. Check out the video the DJ sent to me:

Insane, right?!

Overall, I'm just happy that the kids had a great time and that they enjoy dancing and just being youthful!

Let me end with this... parents out there with kids ranging from 5 years old to approaching their teen years, test their music knowledge and I guarentee you'll be more impressed than you think. Afterall, if I ever had a kid and he/she requested Tupac or Black Sheep? I think a proud tear would stream down my face.



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