If you're still out there shopping for the perfect sparkly gift for Christmas, don't worry there is still time.We are getting down to the wire here with shopping days left before Christmas, but there are a few days left and stores have some really great deals for you to scoop up.

Sometimes with jewelry it seems like the only option is to spend a lot of money, but really that's not true. Today.com has a great article on inexpensive, but awesome jewelry ideas for that special someone.

Jewelry with charms is always a great way to personalize a shiny gift for someone. Necklaces and bracelets with charms show off their personality, traits, or anything else you want to give them. You can include luck, love, prosperity, or even a little kitty charm!

Stackable rings are also great personalized gift ideas to bling-out your loved ones.

Mianne De Vries' Jewelry of the Day is another unique gift idea that will separate your present from the rest. Each of these handmade rings, necklaces, and brooches can be changed for a refreshed look every day. They're basically geometric, floral, and other pretty patterns on stickers that you can peel away to reveal a new one.

Another cool idea for the jewelry lover in your family is a Balance Bead. The bead fixes that age old problem of the necklace clasp sliding to the front, forcing you to struggle with clothes and hair to put it back behind your neck. You simply attach the little tear-drop shaped weight to the clasp, and voila!  Problem solved.

You might be a little too late to buy gifts online, so Alex at A&A Jewelers has you covered!  He has everything you could possibly need, from rings, bracelets, necklaces to beautiful costume jewelry.  He can even customize a piece of jewelry for you or make you a new piece of jewelry out of something old that you have and no longer wear anymore!  Go see Alex at A&A Jewelers, he's at 452 State Road next to TJ Maxx in Dartmouth.

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