At the very end of The Rock and Fox Show this morning we were in the Fun 107 studio listening to Drakes new song, Hotline Bling.  Out of know where, Gazelle says, "Hey I want to learn how to do this dance Michael, are you in."

Michael being Michael says "Oh, I know how to do that dance."  Then I say, "Whaaaaa, you don't know how to move from side to side, never mind the Hotline Bling Dance."  Long story short, there is a How To instructional video out there teaching you how to do the Hotline Bling Dance, no lie.

A little dance lesson can't hurt, right?

You can check out the video of Michael and Gazelle at our Facebook page, not only watching the instructional video but also, giving the best they've got dancing to Hotline Bling.  Be ready to laugh is all I can say.