There are three types of people in the world: those who eat just the "rings" of fried calamari, those who eat just the "legs," and those without a preference.

Now, if you ask me, I have no problem clearing an entire platter by myself without even second-guessing the fact that there are two types of pieces of calamari. I personally know people who are Team Rings all the way and will refuse to touch the legs altogether. Listen, I totally get that. Not everyone can stomach the fact that those legs were once slimy and slithery, and the texture is most certainly unique, but that comes with the territory of eating squid in the first place.

Personally, although I enjoy both, I am Team Legs.

There's just something about the rubber-like consistency that characterizes the flavor and if you ask me, it has more of that "fishy" seafood taste than the rings do. Growing up, my brother and I were convinced (thanks to our mom) that the rings were just onion rings and hey, we believed her. However, with age, we learned that the rings were just the head of the squid that was chopped up.

Here's the thing about fried calamari, because it goes beyond just rings or legs: if the plate doesn't come with hot peppers (the hotter the better) and the right cocktail sauce or marinara, then the dish in its entirety is ruined.

We live in a very large Portuguese community surrounded by seafood everything here on the SouthCoast, where almost every restaurant serves up there own flair on fried calamari. The trick is finding your favorite and locking it in as a go-to destination for this delectable side dish.

Let's be honest for a moment, anything fried is always going to be good regardless, and when it comes to octopus or squid in general, I'm a fan of both fried and boiled.

From the Inner Bay Café' in New Bedford to The Aviary in Swansea, dozens of restaurants across the SouthCoast are home to some of the best-fried calamari around, but the question today is not necessarily what your go-to place is, but rather if you're Team Rings or Team Legs.

It's time to place your vote to see what team reigns supreme.

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