I'm kind of a wedding geek. When I'm DJ'ing my weddings, I tend to take note of different things I see, and how they may affect a couple's reception. Occasionally, I'll notice trends that are common denominators to successful weddings. I am ready to officially crown "tent weddings" as one of the hottest wedding trends on the SouthCoast.

Out of all of the weddings I've DJ'd over the past few years, I'd say 3 of the top 5 were under a tent on a farm.  --Michael Rock

I'll tell you right upfront, no tent company is paying me to write this. In fact, I've never spoken to anyone at a tent company. If anything, the only thing I know about event tents is that they're not cheap.

That being said, if a member of my family was planning a wedding next year, I would strongly suggest a wedding reception under a tent. Out of all of the weddings I've DJ'd over the past few years, I'd say three of the top five were under a tent on a farm.

But Michael, why are tent weddings so great? I'm glad you asked. If you refer back to my 2018 article on 7 Tips To A Memorable Wedding Reception, you'll notice that ranked No. 1 was the choice of the right venue. NOTHING is more important to the success of your wedding reception than where you have it—not the flowers, not the food, not even the DJ (as hard as that may be to believe).

Having your wedding reception under a tent puts your guests in a festive mood. You get to operate on YOUR timeline and you don't have to conform to any rules from a venue.

There's one catch, however: what about the weather? Up until last year, I'd never DJ'd a tent wedding that didn't happen with favorable weather. Last October, however, it happened—every bride's worst nightmare—a tent wedding accompanied by torrential rainstorms and howling winds. I was so nervous for the bride.   I thought her wedding was going to be a washout. I am so happy to tell you that the wild weather only enhanced the night. Underneath the tent was extra cozy and fun. It absolutely ranked as one of my best weddings ever, and sealed the deal for me that, rain or shine, a tent wedding is the way to go.

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