For the longest time I've been searching for the motivation to better my eating habits... Then I found 'The Balanced Protein Diet'!2015 was a very busy year for me and finding time to workout seemed difficult if not impossible. Finding the motivation to food prep was non-existant and everybody knows that you need more than just exercise if you're goal is to lose weight.

I am proud to say that I have been a satisfied customer of Faunce Corner Nutrition before I even discovered this so called "Protein Diet". As an avid gym-goer and fitness guru... I have valued the large selection of supplements carried by FCN and not just the price, but mostly because of the quality of their products.

With 23 years of business under their belt, FCN has proven to be more than just successful. the Knowledgable and friendly Nutritionist welcome all customers with open arms and are more than happy to answer any questions you bring to the table.

When I was told about 'The Balanced Protein Diet', I was very skeptical... as most would be when it comes to dieting.

I will honestly admit that even after a week on the plan, I saw and felt results. My attitude started changing, I wasn't as negative and down on myself from being over-weight and I found a significant increase in energy. I know what a lot of you are thinking.... what is this so called "plan" that I speak of? Allow me to explain:

  1. While on the "Balanced Protein Diet", you will eat six times a day, while consuming three full meals and three "snacks" in between. All being smaller serving sizes than normal, but surprisingly much more filling than just eating three large meals a day. These "between meal snacks" consists of Shakes, Puddings, Protein Bars, Hot and Cold Drinks, Soups, Entrees and more!
  2. The diet is completely Self-Managable! You don’t have to be weighed in or monitored, you simply do the best you can and the Balanced Protein Diet makes it easy for you to reach your goals.
  3. There are no sign up or appointment needed. It cost nothing to join and there are ZERO up-font fees.
  4. You CAN Exercise on the Balanced Protein Diet, unlike other diet plans that suggest you don't. It's actually recommended.
  5. This diet plan works great for both Men and Women.
  6. The three main courses include foods from all of the important food groups that complete your daily nutrients.

Let's be honest people... Where else will you find a diet plan that lets you have complete control over your hunger, because in reality, you won't ever be hungry by eating six portioned meals a day!

It gets better...

Faunce Corner Nutrition has an every day special: When you buy five boxes, you get one free! You can mix and match and there are so many options to chose from!


Lastly, for all who are wondering about the taste, un-like other diet plans that taste chalky or bland... 'The Balanced Protein Diet' is extremely satisfying! I was so nervous at first knowing that I had to change my ways of eating, but was instantly hooked. The shakes and puddings and snacks were delicious and I strongly stand by that statement! From the savory White Cheddar crisps that crush the craving to eat ready potato chips to the smooth indulgent dark chocolate shakes to the creamy blends of soups, you simply can't escape the deliciousness of 'The Balanced Protein Diet'!

FCN is conveniently located at 350 Faunce Corner Rd in North Dartmouth, MA.... Diagonally across from Vanity Fair.

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