Yes or No?
I have come far too attached to my beard and I can't decided if I should cut it or let it grow...
What is "Noshember"?
Welcome to November ladies and gentlemen, the time of year to dispose of your razors and put away the shaving cream. No-Shave November has arrived!
The only problem is that there are some who are unaware of the background and the awareness project behind the beard...
As I was channel surfing the other day I came across a commercial for a new men's razor. A commercial that made me wonder if this was a product many men were even using.
Larry’s Weird Moustache
One thing you can't do is give Larry a full beard, some hair clippers, and a lot of free time. He will start to get creative, and come up with some interesting and weird facial hair designs.
Alternatives To Shaving [Sponsored]
We can no longer hide behind long sleeve shirts and pants. Ti's the season to invest in Gillette products and spend a fortune in the process. Razors are not cheap. And waxing, although a better alternative to get more time before hair growth, can be painful and does not permanently eradicate th…
Do You Manscape?
As a woman, our society expects us to tweeze, pluck, shave, wax and even laser hair remove any hair that's not considered aesthetically pleasing. It's normal for us. And sure, in the winter, we thank the good Lord for long sleeve shirts and pants. Give those razors a little more rest than …