As a woman, our society expects us to tweeze, pluck, shave, wax and even laser hair remove any hair that's not considered aesthetically pleasing. It's normal for us. And sure, in the winter, we thank the good Lord for long sleeve shirts and pants. Give those razors a little more rest than in summer.

Well what about our counterparts? Do we expect our men to keep neat. Maybe separate the unibrow. How far should they go? And does it depend on the man? True, there are some who look like the missing link, barely shy of dragging their knuckles. What's your preference ladies? Do you want a man on the "metrosexual" end of the spectrum with better or equal hair and body grooming style, or do you like him a bit more rugged and lumber jack-ish?

My taste should be obvious. I did marry Larry. I have dated the latter and I have to say, I don't enjoy fighting for a mirror or the razor. I like the rugged guy. Who cares if there is no clear delineation from back hair to chest hair, sitting a top his shoulders like a grassy knoll.

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