People around the country are shaving their heads and all for different reasons. We did a little digging to find out.

If you think about it, for guys at least, shaving our heads is the cheap and easy way out, seeing as barbershops and hair salons are all closed. Many guys don't go a week without getting their hair cleaned up. Women, I know the struggle is real for you also, especially those of you who get color. We are about to see the natural hair color of many.

If you glance on social media you will see many are just biting the bullet and shaving it all off to not have to worry about looking too shaggy or having to color it. However, there are many who are attempting to let family members or other loved ones cut it for them. A prime example is the gentleman featured in this post.

I have even heard some attempting to replicate the haircut they get at the barber and just butchering the hell out of it.

There are a few reasons other than not being able to get to a barbershop, though.
Some are shaving it to show solidarity with those on the front lines fighting the virus head-on. Shaving your head gives you a military look.

Some are doing it to show support for gender equality or to push gender boundaries.

Whatever reason you are doing it, I'm jealous of how good your heads look.

Have you, or do you have someone in your house that has shaved their head? Share your photos under this story on Facebook.

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