We can no longer hide behind long sleeve shirts and pants. Ti's the season to invest in Gillette products and spend a fortune in the process. Razors are not cheap. And waxing, although a better alternative to get more time before hair growth, can be painful and does not permanently eradicate the hair.

IF you can spring for laser hair removal, it's totally the way to go. Local Experts at Ageless Body Sculpting can answer any questions or apprehensions you may have about the procedure if you are in fact considering it.

Here are some common misconceptions about laser hair removal:

1)  It is painful: Not true. Speaking from experience, laser hair removal can cause a slight tingle but I would not classify the sensation as painful.

2) It is permanent: While it removes 99% of the hair for an extended period of time (up to years), you may find that a few fine hairs may grow back.

3) It won't work for me because I have course hair: To the contrary, the laser is attracted to course dark hair. The best candidates are fair skinned with dark hair. But each person is different, so the best advice, is to have a consultation to find out how many treatments you would need for effective hair removal.

4) It's too expensive: When you add up the money in razors, shaving cream, wax, etc, the investment in laser hair removal is well worth the bang for its buck.  Most medical spas will offer a discount when you bundle. (click here to find savings).