As I was channel surfing the other day I came across a commercial for a new men's razor. A commercial that made me wonder if this was a product many men were even using.

Gillette has introduced the Body Razor.  A razor designed to shave any area you were looking to smooth up, not just your face.

And though I can admit the guy in the commercial has worked out nicely, I just wonder how many men are shaving their chests, abs or whatever these days? And how many ladies want them to?

I personally have no issue with a little chest hair, it's pretty manly looking in my humble opinion.

Going full Robin Williams with back, chest, shoulder and arm hair all meeting is a bit much for me, but I'm not sure if I'd want my guy to shave.

Of course summer is just about here and beach weather will be upon us. So this summer will you want your guy to shave it all away or just be what he's going to be?

And guys do you even want to shave your chest? Or do you do it for the ladies?

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