Who Were The Top Earning Celebs During The Past Year?
Some of the names on the brand new Forbes 2013 list of top earning celebrities have been in the public eye for some time.   At the top of the list is the one and only Madonna.  The material girl earned $125 million between June 2012 and June 2013...
Ladies For Change
Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the biggest diva of them all? Plenty o' divas -- like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and many more -- turned up to support and perform at Chime for Change: The Sound of Change Live, a concert held at Twickenham Stadium yesterday (June 1) in London.
Hello, My Name Is..
Sometimes the name you were given at birth just doesn't flow off the lips, or it may not be "catchy" or "gimmicky" enough to get attention or easily remember. Maybe it sounds too similiar to someone who is already famous.
Lady Gaga Turns Down Madonna’s Offer to Duet at Yankee Stadium
The rivalry between Lady Gaga and Madonna, which was started, stoked and supported by Madonna with her near-constant onstage disses of Gaga, nearly came to an end in the Bronx last month. Rumor has it that Madonna extended an olive branch and offered native New Yorker (and Yankee fan) Gaga a chance to duet onstage when Madge played Yankee Stadium. Gaga turned her down, though!
Madonna Posts Manifesto Defending Controversial Images of MDNA Tour
Madonna has taken a lot of heat for her use of controversial images on her global MDNA tour. She showed swastikas, which were superimposed on the head of a French politico, and handled prop guns, which were considered especially insensitive after the July massacre in Aurora, Colorado during the midnight screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ Never one to back down or shy away from criticisms levied

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