Judge Judy Sheindlin will be on the Ellen show today with a pretty big announcement. After 25 years, she's parting ways with CBS and her legendary TV show, Judge Judy. Making $50 million a year makes Judge Judy the highest-paid person on television. Pretty impressive, right?

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Judge Judy: 5 Things To Know About TV Judge, 77, Who’s Ending Her Show After 25 Years #Entertainment #JudgeJudy #TV ‘Judge Judy’ will be coming to an end in 2021 after 25 seasons but Judge Judy Sheindlin isn’t calling it quits on her career at 77 years old. She’s got a new show in the works! Judge Judy is one of the most successful daytime TV shows on the air right now and has been that way since 1996. Judge Judy Sheindlin, 77, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 2 to give an update on her life and what’s next after a long and illustrious career. She revealed that Judge Judy will be ending after season 25 but she’s not ready to leave the courtroom just yet. HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things you need to know about Judge Judy. 1. Judy announced Judge Judy was ending on Ellen. “I’ve had a 25-year long marriage with CBS and it’s been successful,” Judy explained. “Next year will be our 25th season — our silver anniversary — and I think CBS sort of felt they wanted to optimally utilize the repeats of my program because now they have 25 years of reruns, so what they decided to do was sell a couple of years worth of reruns but I’m not tired…” She stressed that in 2021 fans will get a “full year” of new Judge Judy episodes, followed by reruns in the years to come. 2. Judy will be starring in a new TV show. Judy revealed that her new show, Judy Justice, will premiere in 2022. She didn’t say what network the show would air, but just said it was “going elsewhere.” 3. She was appointed as a judge in 1982. Mayor Edward I. Koch appointed her to the Family Court bench. She later became a Supervising Judge of the Manhattan court in 1988. 4. She has published a number of books. She published Don’t Pee On My Leg, and Tell Me It’s Raining in 1995. Her second book, Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever, was published in 1999. Judy has also published a number of children’s books, including Win or Lose By How You Choose and You Can’t Judge a Book… Link: https://shopycart.net/judge-judy-5-things-to-know-about-tv-judge-77-whos-ending-her-show-after-25-years/

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Well if you're a fan of her and the show, you'll be happy to know she isn't fully retiring. In about a year or so, she says she'll be launching a new TV show called Judy Justice. She says she is not tired and has no plans of retiring and that being a judge and her television career is her passion.  

Justin Bieber's wife Hailey Baldwin-Bieber hung out with Jimmy Fallon on Friday and you won't believe the story she shared.




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  Was Jimmy the matchmaker for @haileybieber & @justinbieber? 👀 #FallonTonight   A post shared by The Tonight Show (@fallontonight) on

She went on to say she is super proud of her hubby for the YouTube documentary and his new album.

Madonna canceled her Sunday performance in Paris after a terrible fall forced her to go on bed rest once again. Her Madame X Tour has been limping along after the singer suffered a series of injuries and now walks with a cane. She took to her IG account and posted a message for fans.




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Here I Am——Flesh and Blood If only knees didn’t twist and cartilage didn’t tear and nothing hurt and tears never fell out of our eyes.........But alas they do and Thank God for this important reminder that we are human. I Fell 2 nights ago on stage when a chair was literally pulled out from underneath me by mistake and I landed on the floor on my tail bone. I made it thru the show last night but just barely because I hate disappointing. However today even I can see that this broken doll held together with tape and glue, needs to stay in bed and rest for a few days so she can finish the tour with a smile on her face and in one piece. ❌ Thank You for your understanding Paris! #madamextheatre


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Madonna's Madame X Tour has had a series of forced cancellations and since the start of the tour, which launched last September, she pulled out of 13 scheduled performances due to sustained injuries. After factoring in production issues at two separate stops in New York City and Los Angeles, the tour has suffered 15 show cancellations overall.

Look, I am a huge Madonna fan from way back in the '80s when she first came onto the scene and I think she needs to just stop touring and trying to remain so relevant.

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