Dartmouth Police Clown Video Goes Viral!
Gotta hand it to the folks over there at the Dartmouth Police Department! They put together a little video that was actually quite creative and it went viral! It's now up on EllenTube(The Ellen Show) and it is going viral! Check it out below and OH, if you were thinking about walking around in …
Retweet Record
I'm sure by now you've heard about the tweet from Ellen that was re-tweeted so much...that it beat out the President's re-tweet record!
A Pen Just For Women
Yesterday one of my co-workers sent me this video from the 'Ellen' show and although it is a bit dated I still thought I'd share it with you. Women have come a long way in society but it always seems the men continue to get the upper hand...
New Hampshire Waitress Gets Huge Surprize
A New Hampshire single mom who is a waitress at a Ruby Tuesdays in Concord New Hampshire decided to pay for lunch for 2 members of the national guard..
Word spread quickly, and then Ellen got word of her good deed.
See what happened next on the video below...

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