Tom Brady has released his first video since his big announcement last week. He took to his Instagram yesterday to tell everyone to stay healthy and safe. He also gave a great recommendation for an immunity booster from his TB12 Sports company to incorporate into your daily diet and routine.

He made no mention of Tampa Bay or the Buccaneers during his quick 30-second video. Usually, Tom will start his videos with, "Hey Pats Nation..." But not this time. It made me a little sick to my stomach, actually, like a little jab to the belly out of nowhere.

Something tells me that even though he appears to be in a good place and motivated for this next chapter, TB might be having a hard time with this transition. Kind of like what Michael said this morning on the show: it's like Tom has broken up with his girlfriend (us, Pats Nation) and is moving onto his next girlfriend who is not a pretty or as cool as us. He's a little unsure.

Or maybe we are just telling ourselves this to lessen the sting and feel better.

Ellen seems like she’s going a little stir crazy confined to her home this past week and a half. If you follow her on IG, you know that she just randomly calls a couple of different celebrity friends every day during this time of social distancing. Yesterday, it was Michelle Obama:




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People are kinder on social media these days and that goes for the celebrities out there, too. Cutest celebrity couple alert: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds posted the nicest and most thoughtful video for the hospital workers in New York City. They are both New Yorkers and recently donated $1 million to help the disadvantaged and elderly folks in and around NYC during this awful pandemic.

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