Five years ago, Kaylee Affonso of Fall River was the plaintiff on the iconic show Judge Judy, and after her episode ran again this week, the internet couldn’t get enough.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to come face to face with one of the most brutal celebrity judges out there, Affonso shares every detail.

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Affonso Takes Man to Court

Back in 2019, Affonso and her partner were celebrating the 4th of July at a pool party with friends and family. As the party whined down and everyone got ready to enjoy the fireworks, a little drama ensued when a party guest pushed Affonso’s partner into the pool.

“Both of our phones were in his pocket and when he got out of the pool, both phones weren’t working,” she said.

When the party guest refused to fund the repairs for both phones, Affonso decided to take him to small claims court.

Affonso’s Case Chosen for Judge Judy

A week before her court date, a UPS worker showed up at Affonso’s home with a stack of paperwork.

“I saw the name Judge Judy on the package, and that’s when I knew,” she said. “It was definitely crazy, you don’t expect that. We were going to small claims court in Fall River and now we were being sent to LA.”

Affonso arrived in LA where she ultimately won her case, and she called the entire experience a whirlwind. The only downside was not being able to meet Judge Judy.

Is she really as scary as she seems? Affonso said absolutely.

“Oh my god, yes, she is very scary and intimidating,” said Affonso. “I was up the entire week, making sure I had every single document ready, and I was still shaking in my boots.”

Affonso has moved on since her five minutes of fame as she continues to work towards a Graphic Design degree at UMASS Dartmouth, but it was fun to relive that memorable moment as her episode made the rounds online this week.

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