Fairhaven Officials Trying To Save Kmart
Fairhaven officials are trying a last-ditch effort to keep the local Kmart from closing.
At last night's meeting, the Board of Selectmen read a letter sent to Kmart's parent company, Sears Holdings, hoping to convince the company to keep Kmart in Fairhaven...
Customers React to News of Kmart Closing (VIDEO)
Customers at the Fairhaven Kmart were shocked to hear the news that the store will be closing in April. WBSM News was there to speak with shoppers as they exited the store, to find out how its closing will affect them and their families as well as the local economy...
Fairhaven Kmart Closing Its Doors
The Blue Light is about to go out for good on the Fairhaven Kmart.
The store will close its doors in mid-April, selectmen confirmed to WBSM News on Wednesday. Howard Riefs, company spokesman for Sears Holdings told The Standard-Times that the company "has accelerated the closing of unprofita…
Kmart's New Ad
It seems as though Kmart is trying to pull a fast one on us with their 'Non Christmas' Christmas commercial.

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