It seems as though Kmart is trying to pull a fast one on us with their 'Non Christmas' Christmas commercial.

Yes, you read that correctly...they are in Christmas mode already and we are still technically in summer and more than a month away from Halloween. Kmart, you need to chill.

They probably assumed their commercial would annoy everyone if they flat out released a Christmas commercial in September, which is why they went the 'Non Christmas' route. Their assumption was right. C'mon now. Stop rushing my life away please. I like to enjoy each day, each week, month, season, etc. I don't need to be thinking about Christmas and the dreaded winter, now. Am I right?

It seems as though they tried to be cutesy by suggesting maybe your entire family has a birthday on the same day, at the end of December. Sorry, Kmart, I'm not a dummy. Not everyone in my family has a birthday at the end of December and magically all on the same day.

They are trying to push Christmas prematurely, and I'm pushin' right back. I still have my summer wreath on my front door and my flip flops on my feet! Even if I were to use the layaway option, which they are promoting in their commercial, I wouldn't need it until after Thanksgiving, which is when I start shopping for Christmas.

You can check out their 'Non Christmas' Christmas commercial here:

I think Kmart was on the right track when they did their 'Ship My Pants' campaign...maybe they can go back to that!

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