If you still have Toys R Us or Babies R Us gift cards kicking around, there's another store accepting them.

Kmart is no stranger to closing stores, so maybe that's why they are willing to accept gift cards to Toys R Us and Babies R Us.

The toy stores stopped accepting their own gift cards weeks ago and at first only Bed, Bath & Beyond was willing to take them...on one single day...only online...and not for the full amount.

Clearly that was more hassle than it was worth for many people and there are still lots of left over Toys R Us gift cards out there.

So Kmart has stepped up and offered a much better deal for those wondering what to do.

The company says anyone who turns in a Toys R Us or Babies R Us gift card will automatically get $10 of FREECASH in points as part of their Shop Your Way program.

You do have to be a member of the program, but the deal is good even with expired or empty gift cards.

So better than losing all the money on the cards, you can get $10 to Kmart and you've got through the end of July to do it.

The only trouble around here would be finding a Kmart, which are only still open in Hyannis, Webster and Brockton...not exactly close by.

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