To honor the finding of Swansea on Oct. 30th 1667, the town had a historical walk starting from the Town Hall and ending at Christ Church Cemetery.

The historical walk featured Indian tradition Four Corner blessings on Abrams Rock and Paul Cote (a history professor) did an enactment.

Herald News said Sunday night was also the celebration of the towns Sesquicentennial, the 350th anniversary. At 6 p.m. the Town Hall was all lit up for their Founders Day.

President of the Swansea Historical Society Carl Becker, narrated some of the towns historical high points.

An official celebration will be on Dec. 4th for the 350th anniversary and will feature caroling and refreshments from the Swansea Dam to Christ Church. Stops at the historical buildings along the Main Street Village will be made too.

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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