Grab your clippers and baskets because it’s time to pick sunflowers in Swansea. The 100 Acre Farm in Swansea has been prepping for its first ever sunflower picking event and the owners are ready to welcome people to their newest golden attraction.

Three years ago, Craig Lebeau and his wife took over 100 Acre Farm alongside his mother and father. With the “help” of Craig’s three-year-old son, the five Lebeaus keep the one hundred acres of farmland thriving. They mainly use their land to grow hemp for their own line of CBD products, but Craig Lebeau wanted to switch it up this year.

“We figured we would do something else this year,” he said. “It was kind of on a whim, but we figured it was good for our bees on the property.” Originally, the Lebeaus planned on selling the sunflowers to local florists, but quickly decided that hosting a “pick your own” event would be much more fun.

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“It’s good for the community,” Lebeau said. “The kids love to do events like this.”

Lebeau said that it will be a great way to meet the Swansea community as well. While his family has owned the farm for the past three years, they just finished building their new home on the farm three weeks ago and are now full-time SouthCoast residents.

Lebeau’s goal is to create a farm that is 100 percent sustainable and plans to document the journey on an upcoming YouTube channel.

“I want every meal I have from the land," he said. "This is going to be a journey on how we get there."

The Lebeau family looks forward to what could potentially be a new tradition as they prepare the sunflower fields for picking on July 31 and August 1.

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