My daughter has been working on our family's ancestry in a genealogy elective she is taking in high school. She has been asking us daily to dig up pictures from past generations.

The other night, my wife remembered a box of photos that she took while we were cleaning out my grandmother's house after she passed away a few years ago. My grandfather was born in ggggggggthat house and died still living at that same house. Inside the box was a treasure trove of pictures, albums and different keepsakes that she had tucked away over the years.

We spent the whole night flipping through pictures, amazed at how young my grandparents were in the very old photos. It was incredibly fun. It was like going into a time machine, recognizing parts of the house that had changed, and parts that were exactly the same as we had known it.

While looking through the photos I came across someone that looked very familiar. A picture of my grandfather stopped me in my tracks. I had never seen these pictures before. I had never seen my grandfather so young. He looked EXACTLY like me.

It wasn't just one photo. Picture after picture, my grandfather looked like my twin. My daughter put it best when she said, "The closer you look at the pictures, the MORE he looks like you." It was pretty crazy.

Do you have a relative from an older generation that looks just like you? We'd love to see it!  Email me at, submit it via the Fun 107 app, or post it under this story on our Facebook page.

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