Just because you wipe your toilet down with a bleach wipe doesn't mean you should then flush that bleach wipe.

Now that we are all home and trying to keep those homes clean, people everywhere are being reminded of the disastrous results that can stem from flushing wipes.

Bleach wipes, baby wipes, hand wipes...none of them are flushable and they can cause serious damage in your pipes.


Not what you want your pipes to look like for sure.

And this isn't a time to not have a functioning toilet in your house either.

So stop flushing those wipes people. You gotta just throw them away. That's what they are meant for.

And apparently even the so-called "flushable" wipes aren't all that flushable. So don't take the risk.

But if you are that concerned about wipes piling up in your trash can, empty the trash more often. You could probably use the minute of outdoor time anyway, right?

Toilet paper and tissue paper (for those of us who have run out of TP and resorted to Kleenex) are safe to flush, but that is it.

Your local sewer department and all plumbers will thank you.

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