Tom Brady's latest Instagram post may be a message no one in Patriots Nation wants to hear.

In a picture posted to Brady's official Instagram tonight, the GOAT may have said his final goodbye to Pats fans.


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The picture had no caption, but this black and white photo of Brady silhouetted in the team tunnel, appearing to walk away, speaks volumes.

Analysts have said Brady will likely be testing out the market come March, but that nothing was set in stone one way or another.

And Vegas oddsmakers have been trending towards a Brady return to the Patriots being the most likely outcome for next season.

But obviously, no matter what analysts or oddsmakers think, Brady knows Brady and only he can say for sure what his future may hold.

And this photo makes me think his future is not in New England.

Perhaps the retirement of Dante Scarnecchia along with the lack of offensive players making catches this season is stacking up to mean Brady hopes to play somewhere else.

Whatever happens next season, New England had a good run with an amazing quarterback and a legacy that the league will most likely never see again. I'll forever be appreciative of the fantastic years of football greatness I got to witness.

Clearly I'd love to see him stay, but he's gotta do what he feels is right for him at the end of his career and try to make the most of the seasons he has left.

And maybe this photo means he doesn't think it's here anymore.

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