When you're prepping for vocal cord surgery what better place to hang out than a museum? At least that's what Miley Cyrus thought last week.

Like many big names before her (Adele, Sam Smith and Steven Tyler just to name a few), Miley Cyrus was recently in Boston to undergo vocal cord surgery with Dr. Steven Zeitels, who is the director of the MGH Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation at Mass General.

Zeitels is apparently the man at this specific surgery that many singers undergo, so Miley was in good hands last Saturday for sure.

But before she went under the knife, she took in the sights around Boston. Including the Museum of Fine Arts.

No word on what specifically drew her there, but the museum did share a photo of Cyrus in their new "Ancient Nubia Now" exhibition.

According to a museum employee who spoke with People magazine, Miley was super nice during her visit. She stopped to take pictures with fans at the museum too.

Her current boyfriend Cody Simpson wasn't in any of the pictures shared by the MFA, but he has reportedly been by her side during her vocal issues and recovery from them.

You'd think the museum might be a better place after the surgery instead of before. Considering she now has weeks of vocal rest ahead of her, a nice quiet museum would be a perfect place to not talk.

Maybe next time she's in town for a check up or something she'll check out the Museum of Science.

I mean the Omni Theater is pretty cool, not to mention the indoor lightning show in the electricity room.

That's my kind of museum visit.

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