Gerber has started their search for the new adorable baby face of its brand. Does your child have what it takes?

It's the 10th year Gerber has launched a national campaign to find its new spokesbaby and if you want to get involved, you've got to act quickly.

Submissions for the 2020 Gerber photo search are only being accepted until February 21. That gives you about a week to stage your baby glamour shots and upload them here.

"Baby" is a slightly loose term, too; children up to four years old can be entered into the contest.

And winning would make them the 2020 Gerber ambassador and score them $25,000.

What I like about this contest is that it doesn't have to mean putting your baby on display. You simply upload your picture and the judges decide on their own.

And Gerber says it will decide based on the criteria of visual appeal, expressiveness and consistency with Gerber's heritage "Anything for Baby" mission (whatever that last one means).

Basically, if you think your child is cute (and what mom doesn't think their child is cute), then get the best pic you've got uploaded to the Gerber contest page soon.

It does have to be a photo taken within 30 days of the contest dates, so nothing from before January 5. You also can't submit any tub photos, no professional photographer photos and no other kids can be in the picture but yours.

Here's the photo I'm going to send for my daughter. Let's see your adorable little ones, too.

TSM/Nancy Hall
TSM/Nancy Hall
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